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Key Benefits
Superior data collection for better management
True location with added security
Integrates with wide range of Nursecall systems
Unique ‘swipe’ for data collection
Secure radio network
Solutions that work

KAM understand the importance of ensuring the personal safety of your staff
and providing them with reassurance. With the BlueBell system your staff will know that help is always close at hand, even in the most challenging situations, indoors or outside and 24 hours a day.

Solutions that add value for managers

BlueBell has enhanced functionality over alternative systems in that it allows your carers to confirm specific task completion such as 30 minute checks, night rounds, or deep clean. BlueBell’s unique pager can be ’swiped’ across discretely, coded labels located in any room, en-suite or common area. The simple ‘swipe’ action will send information regarding the task and the carer directly to the central system. BlueBell’s logging and analysis software will then provide managers with charts and data for essential proof of compliance or key performance monitoring.

Solutions that provide true location

BlueBell systems provide true (or exact) location across your site including external zones. Importantly this enables the identification of the exact location
of your staff as opposed to the location of the original incident. Furthermore BlueBell’s superior, secure two-way radio network confirms receipt of every call and location message so that you can be sure that the system is working effectively.

Solutions that are affordable

KAM can integrate the BlueBell system to most existing wired or wireless nursecall systems. Its unique ‘swipe’ system can also be used to monitor additional and perhaps less critical areas at an affordable cost. The cost of upgrading your existing system to meet current demands is therefore often less than anticipated.

For a datasheet and additional information please get in touch.

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