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Simple to use reliable system

The Intercall 700 System is a very popular choice of system. Equally
suited to Nursing / Residential Care Homes and Hospitals, it has a
whole array of features you would expect from a Nursecall System but
with the facility to be able to Speak to a person in a room or even other
staff around the building.

The ability to be able to have a two way conversation to ascertain the
assistance that is required, saves time and provides re-assurance to
the resident or patient that help is on its way.

Each Call Point has a built in Infra Red Receiver which allows a
Resident / Patient to wear an Infra Red Pendant to ’Call’ for assistance.
This offers freedom of movement in the room to the resident / patient
knowing that they can ‘Call’ for help by pushing a button that they are
carrying. Indeed, the pendant can be used anywhere in the home /
hospital and will activate the nearest Call Point.

Product summary

Multiple Levels of Call - Standard Call - Priority Call - Assistance Call
  - Emergency Call - System fault - Mains Failure - Tamper Call -
  Nurse Present - Call Accept.
Call Accept - All standard calls can be accepted which prevents more
  than one member of staff going to the same location. This feature also
  silences the alarm for a programmable time period.
Day and Night Volumes - Alarm Volume may be reduced at night
Staff Location & Identification - Staff locations and Staff identity may
  be displayed on any LCD display at the touch of a button. In addition,
  the system can identify which calls have been spoken to and which
  calls have been accepted.
Staff Management - The system can record the location and identity
  of all members of staff.
Emergency Call Button - All Audio Call Points have an ‘Emergency’
  button which generates an emergency call at any time. (The L762
  Audio Display Call Point does not have this and Emergency Calls
  are activated by a two button push; Call & Reset together).
Alphanumeric Paging or DECT Messaging - It is possible to have
  integrated Messaging with the 700 System. This enables staff to carry
  a pager or DECT Phone that shows a text message identifying the
  Room and Level of Call.
Call Logger - Flexible Windows 95™ software which will record all
  system activity and can print (or save on disk) records by resident,
  room, call type, date or time. This software can also control
  alphanumeric paging systems routing calls from specific residents to
  specific members of staff.
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